Mark Sherry – Afterhours #EOYC 2017 Mix

Mark Sherry – EOYC 2017

01. Megamind – Taub (Mark Sherry Remix Intro Edit) [Outburst]

02. Sneijder – Neutralize (Original Mix) [Afterdark]

03. Ton TB – Electronic Malfunction (Paul Denton Remix) [Outburst]

04. David Forbes & Mallorca Lee – Time Travel (Extended Mix) [Outburst]

05. Mark Sherry & 2nd Phase – Killer Twist (Cold Blue Remix) [Outburst]

06. Mark Sherry – Gravitational Waves (Lostly Remix) [Outburst]

07. Marco V – Alosaka (Original Mix) [Outburst]

08. Mark Sherry & Dark Fusion feat Jan Johnston – Deja Vu (James Dymond Remix) [Outburst]

09. Mark Sherry – Music of the Earth (Original Mix) [Outburst]

10. Oasis – Crying Your Heart Out (Mark Sherry’s Psyburst Remix) [CDR]

11. Mark Sherry & Dr Willis – Here Come The Drums (ReDrive Remix) [Outburst Twilight]

12. Richard Durand – Downfection (Original Mix) [Outburst]

13. Dr. Willis & Myron Meet Ricky Fobis – No Regular (Mark Sherry Remix) [Outburst]

14. Mario Più & Voolgarizm – Red Moon (Extended Mix) [Outburst]

15. David Forbes – Wormhole (Original Mix) [Outburst Records]

16. Mark Sherry meets Space Frog & Derb – Follow Me (Alex Di Stefano Remix) [Outburst]




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